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20 August 2005

19/20 Aug 2005 - EPC2(tm) Overview - The Basis of Performance

Hello all,


Welcome to the first "Exquisite Performance Weekend Edition" audiocast where Joseph overviews the EPC2(tm) - Exquisite Performance(tm) Coaching and Consulting Model. He walks you through the four steps of the model and provides some ways of thinking about your performances and outcomes in the world.

Useful Links from this weeks Exquisite Performance(tm) AudioCast that Joseph mentions:

  • Joseph's Personal Website: http://www.josephriggio.com
  • EPC2(tm) Overview Graphic: http://www.jsriggio.com/Programs/Programs_Page_77.asp
  • EPC2(tm) Descriptions: http://www.josephriggio.com/Programs/Programs_Page_61.asp
  • Joseph's On-Line Store: http://www.jsriggio.com/onlinestore.asp
  • Michael Gerber's E-Myth Site: http://www.e-myth.com

Please leave us your questions and comments and Joseph will reply to them here or in his upcoming audiocasts.

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