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07 October 2005

Building a Performance Vision ...



Well it's been a full month between audiocasts here on Exquisite Performance(tm), and it's been a busy one at that. We hope to be able to deliver these audiocast much more consistently as we go forward. We're now settled in and our equipment is up and running ... and you'll notice we've even had some intro and exit music composed for these audiocasts.

As with Joseph's other Exquisite Performance(tm) audiocasts he spends a bit more time discussing these ideas than he does in his audiocasts at mythoself.blogspot.com. This is because he's presenting here a full description of the concept he's covering, including the "how-to" aspect so that you can take these ideas and apply them immediately for yourself.

This presentation finds Joseph presenting the distinctions between "historical" and "teleological" orientation in regard to behavioral performance. He also gives some insight into the effect and application of these two different approaches to performance.

Listen in and Enjoy ...

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